Bed Bug Detection

Bed bug infestations are on the rise, plaguing homes, apartments, hotels, hospitals and schools. Because bed bugs hide in tiny crevices, most people do not realize they have a bed bug problem until they – or their customers – discover the red itchy bites.

If you think you have bed bugs, K-9 Pro Detection can help. Our dogs will sniff out bed bugs and their eggs faster than a visual bed bug inspection alone. 

NESDCA Accredited Bed Bug Detection TeamOur dogs are certified through the NESDCA and are trained to:

  • Detect live bed bugs and viable bed bug eggs
  • Pinpoint the source of infestations
  • Conduct post-extermination inspections to ensure bugs and eggs are dead

K-9 Pro Detection dogs find the root of bed bug infestations, allowing you to treat problem areas – saving you time, money and potential exposure to pesticides. 

Stop bed bugs before they jeopardize your business, your reputation or your sanity. Meet our dogs and contact us to set up an inspection.

Tip: Need your inspection to be discreet? Ask for one of our unmarked cars.

Ladybug sniffs under a mattress.