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  • The K-9 Advantage

    Ladybug, a beagle.

    K-9 Pro Detection sniffs out the source of bed bugs so you can treat hotspots instead of your entire home or business – saving time and money.

  • Bed Bug Detection

    Ladybug sniffing under a mattress.

    Most people don’t know they have bed bugs until an infestation is out of control. Learn how our dogs find bed bugs before two turns into two thousand.

  • For Businesses and Homeowners

    K-9 Pro Detection works with businesses and homeowners to locate bed bugs before they take over your home or jeopardize your business. Contact us for an estimate.

The K-9 Pro Detection Team

  • Cricket

    Two-year old Cricket recently joined the K-9 Pro Detection team. She loves to hunt bed bugs as much as she loves to chase chipmunks.

  • Dally

    Dally, the Jack Russell Terrier mix, joined K-9 Pro Detection in 2009 and has been sniffing out bed bugs ever since.

  • Mocha

    Mocha is a chocolate lab/chow mix currently in training for bed bug detection. Soon, she’ll formally join the team and begin inspections.

  • Willie

    Willie has a strong work ethic and never runs out of energy. During his off time, Willie loves to chew on bones and relax at the K-9 Pro Detection office.

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